What’s J-Ax up to having dinner with a blow-up flamingo? The answer is #saveflamingo, the ironic, viral campaign created by the Armando Testa agency for WWF Italy to safeguard the habitat of pink flamingos.

It was the hero of summer 2017, undisputed star of long days on the beach, pool parties and photos on social media with more than 2 million advertising posts with the hashtag #flamingo, becoming a symbol of fun and joy.

But what tis the real situation of flamingos in Italy? Our country hosts 20,000 pink flamingo couples, but unfortunately almost 50% of their habitat is in danger of disappearing forever because of man’s actions. WWF Oases have always been a safe refuge for them.

The habitat of the pink flamingos is mainly in damp areas, it is a delicate eco-system which has to be safeguarded. It was with precisely this objective that WWF Italia and TDH – Testa Digital Hub (the innovation unit of the Armando Testa Group) created an ad focusing on irony and becoming viral to sensitise the general public about the need to defend the flamingos’ “home”.

The ad was created with creative direction from Jacopo Morini, by the team made up of Fabiano Pagliara, Marco Abbro and Francesca Romaldo. Directed by Jacopo Morini, production was handled by DIAVIVA.

Pink Flamingo text and soundtrack by Jacopo Morini, Marco Abbro, Fabiano Pagliara.

Testimonial of the campaign is J-Ax who invites us never to abandon the flamingos, not even in September.

To support the initiative go to the active page wwf.it/saveflamingo where you can help WWF defend their Oases.

View the video online at:

Facebook: http://bit.ly/saveflamingoFB

Youtube: http://bit.ly/saveflamingoYT