After running for seven years the time has come for the Dark Side of Japan from Yamaha Motor Europe to get a restyling. We’re talking about the most famous segment from the Japanese manufacturer which includes models such as the MT, hyper naked urban whose main features are the super responsive engines, attractive design and great agility.

The Armando Testa agency tells us all, with a new campaign featuring a radical evolution, yet still maintaining the dark soul.

This change of style is first and foremost a reflection of the new design of the new MT, more elegant and minimalist in shape compared to previous, more angular and robotic generations.

The change might alter the shape, but not the substance: this more mature style responds to the evolution of the reference target for the product.

The first campaign to be released, “Nuova MT-09. A new power from the darkness” marks the launch of the new communication for this segment and describes the birth and transformation of this vibrant dark energy that brings the new Dark Side of Japan to life.

The ad, which has been online since 27 October, was produced by Little Bull Studios directed by the duo DI•AL with visionary photography by Diego Indraccolo. Costumes were created by Kay Korsh with input from Keko Hainswheeler, the costume designer who has created outfits for celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Pink and Skunk Anansie.

But this is just the first ride on this new communication path.


Agency: Armando Testa Group

Creative direction: Nicola Cellemme and Georgia Ferraro

Creative team: Sebastien Sardet, Lorenzo Blangiardo, Andrea Dell’Osa.

Production company: Little Bull Studios

Direction: DI∙AL

Director of photography: Diego Indraccolo

CGI and color correction: BAND

Music: XZN Sound – Sarah Eisenfisz

SFX: Guido Smider

Photographer: Marco Campelli

Photo post-production: Sara Lucchetta, Riccardo Corda


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