FATER LINES SPECIALIST – Get your place back – subject cinema


The Lines Specialist launch campaign continues. This innovative line of the incontinence protection was created by Lines, which has always been an expert on absorbency.

The campaign started in December with the 15” TV Announcement and the 30” subject“Gym”, and since 7th February it has added a new 30” subject “Theatre”. We are in a theatre waiting for the show to start, all the seats are occupied except for an empty one in the front row.

An authoritative yet friendly voice, makes an invitation: “Non lasciare che l’incontinenza prenda il tuo posto!” (Don’t let incontinence take your place!”)

Thanks to the new Pants Lines Specialist specially designed for moderate incontinence, the protagonist, a self-confident smiling woman of around 45, appears in the empty seat and casually “takes her place”.

The discretion and the absorbency capacity and the anti-odour of the new Pants Lines Specialist are described in the demo. One of the elegant crystal “models” featured in the previous subject, approaches the camera then sweeps aroundas if on the catwalk to show the great fit, the softness and the efficiency of the “Neutro Fresh” anti-odour system.

The film ends with the initial reference to the pack of the entire range and to the products the crystal “models” are wearing.

With creative direction from Piero Reinerio, art directors Monica Barbalonga and Tina Salvato and copywriters Chiara Demichelis and Mariarosa Galleano worked on this project. Director: Pierluca De Carlo. Production company: Little Bull. Planning by Media Italia.