The Angelini Pharmaceutical Group has expanded its range of headache relief products with the launch of Moment and Momentact, sachets of ibuprofen-based solutions in liquid form, which can be taken orally.

The creativity by Armando Testa highlights the innovative liquid formulation and all the advantages it brings, paying special attention to an educational approach instructing the consumer on the correct way to take the product in its practical sachet.

The ad grabs your attention with its powerful opening references. “HEADACHE” written in red along with a sound effect thuds down on the forehead of the three protagonists caught up in a moment of their everyday life and blocks them. The new Moment in liquid form will take care of it!! Easy to take: just bring the sachet up to your mouth, press it and slide two fingers along to let the liquid flow into your mouth ready to drink.

The stylized silhouette of the first protagonist is reduced to just an outline in the demo and this emphasizes the movement of the fingers, how soft and smooth the liquid is, and how easy it is to swallow and also reminds us of its pleasant orange flavour.

The result? Once again, scientific research from Moment helps you “overcome headaches quickly” with a new formulation that is ready and easy to drink, wherever you are, whenever you need it!

This is confirmed by the three satisfied protagonists who make a fun, memorable gesture of victory with their two fingers after they’ve easily released the liquid from its sachet. This signature gesture is reaffirmed in the final pack shot with the Moment and Momentact sachets on the fingers of a hand next to the respective packs.

The 20 “and 15″cuts are on air on the main television stations and the 15 “and 6” ones on line on You Tube, Facebook and Instagram.

With creative direction from Piero Reinerio, art director Tina Salvatore and copywriter Chiara Demichelis worked on this project. Directed by Nicolò Malaspina. Production company Little Bull Studios.


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