The new ad for Riso Gallo, created by Armando Testa is now on air. It is dedicated to Riserva Gallo Carnaroli and Arborio, the Premium line of rice for risottos, which is unique thanks to the traditional stone husking.

The TV ad, rotating in cuts of 20” and 15”, forms part of the classic Riso Gallo format: light hearted animation starring the legendary Gallo as a testimonial and on this occasion, he plays the role of leading expert on how rice is processed.

With his shrill opening exchange reminding us of a “Chicchirichì!”, he immediately shows us the amazing quality of the grains of rice in Riserva Gallo: only Arborio and Carnaroli grown in Italy and made even more special thanks to the “stone husking” process, the delicate pressure on the grains, done in a traditional way.

With just a few lines and simple but precise moves the Gallo conveys the excellence of the product, the skilful care and attention in processing it and the extraordinary results in the kitchen where its full potential is revealed: the very best 100% Italian rice, you can use to prepare top quality risotto but also for all those recipes which are typical of Italian tradition. 

The ad – on air from 5 December to 2 January – is planned on some of the main TV broadcasters with a strong impact particularly during the run up to Christmas.


Creative Direction: Michele Mariani 

Creative team: Dario D’Angelo e Daniele Bona

Production Company: Little Bull Studios

Gallo animation: H7-25 Studio

Voice of the Gallo: Paolo de Santis

Media Planning: Asset Media


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