Armando Testa has created the multi-subject digital campaign: 7 simple rules to reduce the amount of food that ends up in the trash every day. Planning by Media Italia.

Cuki’s commitment to fight against food waste goes on with the new campaign “Le Buone Abitudini” created by Armando Testa with valuable support from di Banco Alimentare (Food Bank): 7 simple rules that can help everyone make a significant difference to the amount of food that ends up in the trash every day.

The multi-subject campaign starts off with data from the Banco Alimentare about the current situation to highlight the problem and provide useful tips about how to manage your shopping, from smart planning and the right way to preserve food, to a guide about how to read food expiry dates carefully.

Cuki’s 7 “missions” against food waste are illustrated in animated videos online on a dedicated landing page (https://www.cuki.it/le-buone-abitudini); a collection of  more particular in-depth information explains  how to use quality sustainable disposable products  against food waste and certifies the brand’s commitment in the field of the circular economy and environmental sustainability.

This topical and well defined “manifesto” is the result of a wide-ranging digital content strategy, perfectly aligned with the mission of the brand which has always worked to improve food management respecting both man and the planet.

Client: Cuki Cofresco

Marketing Manager: Carlo Bertolino

Agency: Armando Testa

Creative Director: Antonello Falcone

Creative team: Fabio Camera, Raffaele Pignataro

Social Media Manager: Fabio Cuscunà

Project Manager: Francesca Romaldo

Planning: Media Italia


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