Esselunga has always been close to Italians’ hearts, and it is now playing a leading role in the daily challenge we are all facing to overcome this emergency.

It is doing so by asking its employees to make a special effort, but also by counting on the affection and trust, beyond all expectations, that clients are showing in these difficult days.

The brand wants to express its thanks for this to both those who are continuing to work in Esselunga with amazing commitment to making shopping as normal as possible for all of us, and to the people who are coping with this situation, showing a great sense of responsibility and affection for the brand.

The video uses the notes of the famous song “Over the Rainbow”, a symbol of optimism, to testify to the tireless efforts of those working on the front line, but at the same time, it presents us with a vivid and colourful sequence of images of the Italy which wants to get through this, and the hope for a better future which we’re all sure, will soon be at our doors.

This campaign is the result of a great team effort which saw the involvement of everyone in the Armando Testa Group, it was produced by Little Bull, the Studios of the Group, while media planning was managed Media Italia. 

The campaign is on air on the main TV channels and at the same time on the web and in the press.


Executive Creative Director: Michele Mariani

Creative Director: Jacopo Morini

Creative Team: Barbara Ghiotti, Sara Greco, Fabiano Pagliara

Client Direction: Giovanni Sernia, Laura Alberti, Nicoletta Pittino

Media Planning: Media Italia

Production Company: Little Bull


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