It’s been a while since we last saw them on our screens, but because kids and their parents all need some light fun these days, Pippo and Papalla have come back to help them out.

Our old friends from Carosello, who made so many Italian children smile and accompanied them off to bed, decided to make a new appearance, to make today’s kids and their parents smile, and so give their contribution of optimism, in delicate times like these.

An unexpected Pippo and a modern “Papalla Family” are now the stars of two catchy tunes (80s cult “Gioca Jouer” and “La mia Hit” by J-AX).

Their warmth and friendliness will be the key to giving tips in a fun way about how to fill the long days spent at home.

So, let’s get ready to dance and sing with them because staying at home with Pippo and Papalla will be a breeze!The pro bono project was conceived by Armando Testa with the creative team of Michele Mariani, Jacopo Morini, Fabiano Pagliara, Antonello Falcone, Barbara Ghiotti and Sara Greco and created thanks to the contribution of Gemma De Angelis Testa, Little Bull Studios, Studio Magoga, J -Ax, Daniele Lazzarin, Claudio Cecchetto, Claudio Simnetti, Flavio Ibba, Valerio Pelosi, and the voices of Paolo and Lorenzo Fedreghini.


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