The Lucart Group  entrusts the Armando Testa Group with the creative communication strategy for their brand Tenderly… a pitch won with tenderness!


Following on from a pitch which took place in recent months, the Lucart Group has decided to pursue their long history of tenderness together with the Armando Testa Group for their Tenderly brand.

Underpinning the winning project, is a strategy which goes right to the deepest meaning of this word and all its essential values. Because, today more than ever, there is a need for tenderness, for everyone and in all senses.

A more tender world is possible and we are able to envisage it: with this campaign, running on TV, radio and a range of touch points from March 2024, we will discover just how and through whose eyes.

In addition to developing the new strategy and communication with the goal of increasing recall and improving the perception of the brand, the Armando Testa Group will also be responsible for creating a new storytelling approach for the social media editorial lines, able to describe the brand and the values it has always embodied.