Sanbittèr is the leading non-alcohol aperitif in Italy and together with the Armando Testa agency it is launching digital communication focusing on the world of cocktails and mixability. 

Objective: tell stories using language that is minimalist, impactful, always surprising and aesthetically appealing.

The mixology project came about due to the fact that Sanbittèr is the perfect addition to other ingredients, and it uses that unmistakeable, minimalist language typical of Testa.

This contemporary language is empathetic and distinctive and can be extended to all touchpoints, thus creating a new brand identity.

And if mixology is an art, then it has also become one on social networks. That’s where the idea came from to create mixed collages of elements on Instagram, apparently surreal and with high aesthetic impact but really concealing and telling stories of passion, harmony, playfulness, and a balance between the ingredients of a cocktail.

A good example of an IG Story is the launch of Cosmopolitan Lime on the occasion of Cosmopolitan Day. 

The creativity exploits a vertical format to accompany the user in an engaging journey which ends with the discovery of the product. So the famous New York cocktail reworked in San Bitter style abandons New York to land at aperitifs all over Europe.


Creative Director: Dario Anania

Art Director: Roberto Gargano

Copywriter: Maria Meioli

Animation Designer: Francesco Padua

Tech & Innovation Lead: Marco Savojardo

UX & Motion Designer: Damiano Gui

Social Media Manager: Fabio Cuscunà Client Service: Alessandra Carrozzino, Cristina Castelli

SANBITTER IG Story Dalla Grande Mela


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