Peuterey, the outwear clothing brand from Tuscany and the Armando Testa agency continue to collaborate together with even greater commitment than ever.

In this exceptional year, the Fall Winter 2020/21 campaign turns its focus to the future with the claim “Better future is our everyday challenge” a concept developed with executive creative direction from Michele Mariani.                                                                                             Last year’s “Life is an everyday challenge” today takes on new meaning, full of value and with potential for further planning. 

The everyday challenge, in this historical period more than ever, lies in taking action while thinking about the future for new generations, that’s why the protagonists of this campaign are exceptional models, the “everyday heroes” of tomorrow: kids.

They are the ones who bring the clothes to life, full of light-heartedness and innocence, inviting the public to reflect and to take renewed responsibility.

The idea comes from a concrete choice that the brand has made, their commitment to sustainability to offer fashion that is functional and of substance, designed to last over time.

Indeed, for years Peuterey has embarked on a path to limit the environmental impact of its products by integrating research, cutting down on waste and recycling materials. But the objectives to safeguard the future through sustainable development go beyond that, they include investing in gender equality and working only with partners who share their philosophy.

The integrated project highlights the brand’s values and commitment and addresses the expectations of an increasingly attentive and sensitive public. The campaign runs in the press, outdoor and throughout the digital eco-system. 

Agency: Armando Testa

Executive Creative Direction: Michele Mariani

Creative Team: Laura Sironi and Alice Franco

Digital & Social Service: Sara Salamino e Ludovica D’Aquino

Photo: Emilio Tini

Video: Umberto Nicoletti

Production: Little Bull Studios


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