Lines, Armando Testa and the new-born Dragotto are pleased and proud to introduce Lines Baby, the new nappy that will win over mothers and children.

The creation of the new brand was tackled as a special project: an agile and flexible approach, from the very start, with excellent collaboration between the Agency and client right from kickoff.

So, the brand was conceived and designed from zero. Day after day, every element came to life: brand image, naming, logotype, packaging, nappy backsheet and then above all strategy, character design and storytelling. The real heart of the campaign is to be found in its cute protagonist, Dragotto, a baby dragon that lives in the clouds and moves around gently in a world of softness.

An initial teaser phase preceded the campaign. It featured a countdown on social media and the Lines Baby website showing a mysterious colourful egg floating around in the clouds.

The communication campaign is exclusively digital, with cross-cutting activities for all the brand’s channels. The strategy involves a launch which is mainly social with a differentiated media approach. In the storytelling the Dragotto character is a testimonial that introduces the brand, presents the products, interacts with the packs and is able to win over children and mothers with his smile.

Particular attention was paid to the design, user experience of the website and brand image on e-commerce platforms, since this new product is designed for millennial mothers who buy online. A real revolution for the brand.


  • Agency: Armando Testa 
  • Executive Creative Director: Piero Reinerio
  • Vice Creative Director: Antonello Falcone
  • Creative team: Giulia Richetta, Gabriella De Stefano, Monica Barbalonga, MariaRosa Galleano
  • Client service team: Piero Reinerio, Cristina Omenetto
  • Project Manager: Sara Salamino
  • Social Media Manager: Ludovica D’Aquino
  • Tech and Motion Design: Marco Savojardo, Silvia Maistrello, Damiano Gui, Alessandro Garelli
  • Client: Fater S.p.A.
  • ICT Director: Domenico Di Francescantonio
  • Unit Manager E-Commerce and Digital: Carmen Malangone
  • Purchasing Group Manager: Mauro Palomba
  • Brand Manager Baby Care: Stefano Stipa
  • ICT Digital Functional Analyst: Lida Sorino
  • Baby Care and F&HC Italy Category Finance Assistant: Valerio Gioia
LinesBaby – Dragotto


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